The Form 1 children skipped out of school early on Tuesday morning to board the coach; the Humanities trip to Kew Gardens had finally arrived. After weeks of studying the rainforest there was much excitement in the air. Talk of pitcher plants, drip tips, sensitive plants and traveller’s plants had fuelled their curiosity.

We arrived at Kew after a very enjoyable coach journey to a much needed drink and biscuit. With renewed energy we entered into the gardens to meet our Rainforest workshop leader, Catherine.

As Catherine dangled an inflatable globe in front of the classes, she fired geographical questions at them.  Mrs Unwin and Mrs Diacano beamed with pride as confident, correct responses were fired straight back.

After a morning of visiting papaya trees, rubber plants, epiphytes, bromeliads, not to mention the long awaited traveller’s plant in the Palm House, it was time for lunch, much to children’s delight.

On the way to lunch we passed the latest attraction at Kew ‘The Hive’.  After lunch we headed to the Orchid Festival – immersing ourselves in Kew’s celebration of the heat, colour and culture of India. Orchids of every size and vibrant colour adorned the glass house.

One of the highlights for the children was the rainforest workshop, whereby they tasted food from the rainforest and had time for a little musical interlude before heading back to the coach.

What a brilliant day – and what a huge amount the children saw – and will remember.