Despite everyone’s brains feeling a little tired at this time of term, we are always impressed by the quick-thinking participants in our House Challenge competition.

The competition takes place over the final week of the term and is attended by all pupils who watch with anticipation and awe as their house-mates face the pressure of a series of challenging general knowledge questions.

This year’s opening rounds saw Hearts defeat Diamonds 310-220 points and Clubs triumph over Spades 245-70. The 3rd/4th place playoff  took place on Wednesday morning with a new ‘picture round feature’ introduced to keep contestants ‘on their toes.’ This competition saw Diamonds take third place with a convincing 290-130 point win over Spades.

The Final took place on the final morning of term and was an eagerly-awaited, extended competition between Clubs and Hearts. This exciting round was very closely contested and the lead changed hands several times in the 30 minute quiz. At half-time the score was an equal 125 for each team and, with a scoreboard removed from the screen, it would have taken a very proficient mathematician to keep tally. Heats were finally revealed as champions for 2016 having achieved a 300-260 win over Clubs.

Well done to all our contestants and hopefully some audience-members will be aspiring to represent their house in future years!