The Shakespeare Schools’ Festival is definitely one of the highlights of the CPS drama calendar.  After weeks of relentless practice, a group of talented and dedicated Form 6 pupils delighted the audience at the Leatherhead Theatre with a powerful performance of King Lear.

Directed by the Head of Drama, Phil Waller, complimented with additional insightful direction from Sarah Awwad, the show was both fresh and full of energy. The modern costumes designed by Lita Everett only served to add to the sharp nature of the production.

Mr Dixon added a personal touch with his moving original music. Sean H excelled as Lear, who after giving his kingdom to his ruthless daughters Goneril and Regan, played respectively by Siena K and Naalini B, realises, albeit too late, that he had been a fool. Sophie R was the gentlest Cordelia.

The end scene was masterfully executed and left the audience truly moved. Every member of the cast played their part to perfection, making this a hugely successful production.

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