This week, we were delighted to welcome our new Patron of Reading, Cliff McNish, to school. Described by The Times as ‘one of our most talented thriller writers,’ Cliff spent the day with the children, being first introduced to all during Assembly and then working with different year groups throughout the day.

Introducing three of his recent books, Going Home, My friend Twigs and Doomspell, he spoke about what inspired him to become a writer and shared with them how to develop story lines.  During break, along with the Pea Green Boat Books, he chatted with children about his writing and signed copies of his books.  A working lunch with one of the year groups was also a particular highlight of the day, as the children were able to informally chat about their reading and writing.

Cliff will keep in touch with the students over the course of the term, with emails and webcasts. We look forward to welcoming him again next term.

Please see the video footage of the day below: