We enjoyed the first Upper School Book Breakfast of this academic year on Saturday.  25 children joined Mrs Schutte and Mrs Fenton in the library for hot chocolate, croissants and lots of book talk.

To mark National Poetry Day, we discussed an inspirational poem written, by Roger McGough, especially for the day.  The poem is called, “A message to the future” and an excerpt of our favourite verses can be found below:

Tomorrow has your name on it

It’s written up there in the sky

As you set out on a journey

In search of the How? And the Why?


Oh the dreams that you’ll dream

The chances you’ll take

The prizes you’ll win

The hands that you’ll shake.


But don’t let your dreams

Get too big for their boots

Don’t hanker after the flimflam of fame

If you hunger for mere celebrity

You’ll be drawn like a moth to the flame.


For having dreams is not enough;

You must get down and do your stuff.

Take the ready with the rough.

Ride the punches, and my hunch is


Take your time.

Sing your own songs and laugh out loud.

Weep, if you need to

But away from the crowd.


So dream your dreams and journey

Be tomorrow foul or fine

So you can say at the end of it

‘Amazing! Today was mine.’

Kate Schutte