Staff and pupils are very lucky to have snapped up James Carson, who currently represents the Wales National hockey team, to help out with our sports’ coaching.

After studying Sport and Physical Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University for three years, where he played hockey for the university and Wales, James is now coaching hockey (U12s) and football (U9s), as well as helping out with PE.  He assists with the U15A girls’ hockey team at Cranleigh School too.

James was two days late for the start of term, having just won Round 1 of the World League Hockey Tournament in Scotland, representing Wales. His team won all their matches against Scotland, Portugal, Slovakia and Switzerland, so will be competing in the 2nd round of the World League Tournament in Ireland in March.

In between coaching pupils, James will be training hard for Wales at the weekends, in addition to his training sessions mid-week before weekend matches for the Reading hockey team, which he recently joined. James represents the Reading side with his two elder brothers, Ed (who works at Cranleigh School, teaching Physics and Maths, whilst also coaching U15A girls’ hockey), and Tom (who has represented the England team for the last three years).

The 100% success rate of our U12B hockey team, who’ve won six out of six of their matches so far, bodes well for James’s sports’ coaching career. We shall look forward to hearing how Wales perform in the next round of the World League Tournament!