Form 6 rose to the challenge of the annual Masterchef competition: 63 entered and cooked their signature dish; 16 were selected for the semi-final which was an unseen recipe, to be perfectly constructed within an hour. Choices of fish to be picked combined with how to cook the fluffiest mash and shape into the most delicious and appetising fish cakes.  The Masterchef 2016 oven glove, I mean gauntlet, had been laid down!

After an extremely rigorous inspection and taste test, Mrs Sharpe narrowed down the sixteen contestants to three.  Macca G, Rachel S and Max A were to be the finalist trio.

IMG_0491 IMG_0494

Macca started to make a fish stew with accompanying broccoli, new potatoes and mangetout and, after much debate, decided on a Sushi starter. Rachel created a pancetta wrapped duck breast sat on a bed of mashed carrots, garnished with parmesan crisps. She ambitiously whipped up her own meringues and cream with drizzled raspberry coulis.  Meanwhile Max served asparagus twined in Parma ham and a main course of Lamb Kofta with fried halloumi salad and Nan bread.

It was quite a task to choose between such imaginative concoctions, so our very own Paul Hollywood (Mr Till), Mary Berry (Mrs McNiven) and Jamie Oliver (Mr Britt) were invited to judge.  After much discussion and repeated tasting, the much sought after Masterchef 2016 plate was awarded to … Max A.

IMG_0512 IMG_0498

Congratulations to all contestants for their marvellous creativity and enthusiasm and especially to Max.