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  • 23 June 2016

Form 6 celebrate exam success in Cornwall

With the stresses of Common Entrance and Scholarship exams behind them, Form 6 headed south to Cornwall, for a week of surfing,…

With the stresses of Common Entrance and Scholarship exams behind them, Form 6 headed south to Cornwall, for a week of surfing, exploring the countryside and, hopefully, learning a bit about themselves too.Our destination was a cliff-top overlooking Bude – possibly one of the most stunning views in this country.  Our mission was to relax, stretch ourselves and achieve more than we thought possible.

The timetable was packed.  Our days started with a hearty breakfast and then a meeting to discuss, and prepare kit for, the activities.  There was certainly something for everyone. Surfing was a massive hit with the children – who would have thought that so many would hop on the board and ride the waves after a little amount of instruction?  Abseiling wasn’t for the faint-hearted – an 85 foot drop down a cliff was followed by the lure of rock pooling and beach combing.  Climbing tested our strength, agility and our trust – as we scrambled up the rock face, with our friends, on terra firma, holding our rope!  The coastal walk, which sounded like a stroll along cliffs to some, was actually a 3.5 hour walk up and down hills and rocky paths, but the children barely noticed the inclines, as they chatted and enjoyed the breath-taking views.P1020386

Lunch, another full plate of salad, sandwiches or even a Cornish pasty, was followed by more activities.  The windsurfing lake gave the children an opportunity to try their skills, safe in the knowledge that, if they couldn’t work out how to turn, they would be towed back to the shore by a motor boat.  The coastal traverse was another challenge not to be taken lightly.  We crawled over rocks, down crevasses and along precarious drops; our only relief was the spray from the waves and the squash-stop half way through.  Canoeing was another popular activity, but I am still not sure if the children found it more fun being in, or out, of the canoe.

Dinner was another feast and then the evening activities provided fun and games for the pupils, generally involving mud, rain and lots of laughter.  The talent show was another highlight, where some of the year group’s talent was showcased… Bedtimes came and went without much of a whimper, as everyone was exhausted by night-fall.

It was a safe trip, a memorable trip and a really fun trip.  And, in typical British style, what (you may ask) was the weather like?  Ask a teacher and they will tell you it tipped down most of the week!  Ask a pupil and they will tell you they barely noticed it, they were far too busy having fun.

IMG_3079 P1020239
canoeing Ben and Vito climbing

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