We celebrated music and the monarchy together at the end of May. Children performed in their music ensemble groups in front of a large and enthusiastic audience. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the work that goes on every week, and was a testament to the hard work of the staff and musicians in producing such a variety of lovely items. Particular highlights were the Training Percussion Group with their funky backing track and choreography; the Lower School Choir with their Olympic celebration song; the Boy Bands; the Chamber Music Groups who worked totally without adult direction; and of course the National Anthem which combined the Concert Band, String Orchestra, Chapel Choir and audience.

CPS Summer Concert_29408 CPS Summer Concert_29448

Following the concert there was an outdoor birthday tea party for all pupils, staff and parents, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.  The quad was adorned with festive flags and filled with tables of excited children, enjoying a wonderful tea, wearing crowns they had all made in their tutor groups.  It was a superb way to lead into half term!

CPS Summer Concert_29421 CPS Tea Party for the Queen_s 90th Birthday_29513
CPS Tea Party for the Queen_s 90th Birthday_29515 CPS Tea Party for the Queen_s 90th Birthday_29510