There was great excitement last Friday as some Form 5 pupils were invited to take part in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – an initiative to educate children to eat more healthily. The focus of the trip was how to make a hearty, filling and scrumptious breakfast; this took place at the Guildford restaurant which was the sixth of Jamie’s forty Italians to open.

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The children were given a tour, made some freshly made spaghetti using their industrial machine and concocted some fruity water, all demonstrated by their resident chef, Matt. Then it was time to for them to take part in designing their own healthy breakfast. They were astounded to learn that  Coco pops had the least sugar out of four popular breakfast cereals.  However, after mixing and tasting a fruity seeded granola, the children realised that this was a much more nutritious breakfast option with far less sugar. Much to the children’s surprise and delight, they were treated to a delicious omelette before returning to school.

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