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  • 22 March 2016

Scholarship success to seven different schools

A total of 33 scholarships/awards have been won by Cranleigh Prep pupils to seven different senior schools: Two Academic (so far)* Ten Music…

A total of 33 scholarships/awards have been won by Cranleigh Prep pupils to seven different senior schools:

  • Two Academic (so far)*
  • Ten Music
  • Nine Art
  • Six All-Rounder
  • Six Sport

Michael Wilson commented “Many congratulations to all involved for some fantastic results – we are very proud of all our pupils. With fifteen still waiting to sit academic scholarships*, there may be more good news on the horizon.  However, we are equally delighted with those who may not have won awards because many of them were competing against their peers here at CPS, but continue to throw themselves into all areas of school life and exceed expectations.”


 13+ unless stated


Max D                                       Reigate Grammar (11+)         Scholarship

Blake K                                     Wellington College                 Scholarship   *1


Henry R                                    Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Jacopo B                                   Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Noah C                                      Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Max D                                       Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Ella W                                       Prior’s Field (11+)                   Scholarship

Heather A                                 Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Jessica C                                  Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Bella F                                      Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Ben M                                       Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Cameron R                              Cranleigh School                     Exhibition


Georgiana M                           Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Jessica C                                 Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Charlotte R                             Prior’s Field                             Scholarship

Luca LC                                  Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Hermione H                           Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Jody T                                      Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Sadhbh S                                 Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Jessica E                                 Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

Maddie W                              Cranleigh School                     Exhibition

All Rounder

James T                                  Charterhouse                          Scholarship  *3

Sam T                                     Charterhouse                           Scholarship  *3

James P                                 Cranleigh School                     Scholarship   *2

Max D                                    Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Jacopo B                               Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Heather A                             Cranleigh School                     Scholarship


Raphaella R                         Hurstpierpoint                         Scholarship

Hugo W                                KES, Witley                              Scholarship

Alice W                                 Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Charlie P                              Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

Oliver W                               Cranleigh School                     Scholarship

James P                               Cranleigh School                     Scholarship


*1     2nd in roll out of 52 candiadates

*2     Henry Sapte award for top all- round scholarship

*3     Attenborough Scholarships

Still to sit:

Cranleigh and Charterhouse academic scholarships (May 2016) – 15 candidates.

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