It was thrilling to watch such amazing sporting achievements displayed by all the squad at their final gala this term against Highfield.

The U9s led the way, with Oscar C coming 1st in his backstroke, creating momentum for 15 consecutive wins, which started a fireball for the evening ahead.

The CPS team secured brilliant displays of 1st in their individual events, namely; James M with his consistent 25m breaststroke, Sash P’s quick 25m breaststroke dash, Max C’s 2 meter clear touch, Imogen P’s dependable 25m fly and Ted S’s swift 25m fly.   Sam S dominated his 25m fly, James T swam a stunning  25m freestyle sprint, Freddie P anchored his 25m freestyle and Max C managed a magnificent one breath per length sprint in his 50m individual freestyle event.

Our swimmers pulled out all the stops.  The CPS relay teams white washed all their events; a particular mention should go to Annabelle A for the remarkable wake of water she left behind as she overtook her opponent to secure 1st in the U12s freestyle relay.

In total, CPS took 20 wins from a programme of 24 swimming events, with 135 points v Highfield’s 104.  Well done to all involved, it was inspirational to watch!

CPS_Swimming_v_Highfield_26020  CPS_Swimming_v_Highfield_26004