December 2015…..the final week of term, exams out of the way and brains supposedly switched off….well no! Not for Puzzle Day…….the children were on fire. They set to and immersed themselves in a day full of thinking, but hopefully having fun at the same time. They hunted for treasure by implementing their knowledge on bearings and compass points and they had great fun finding out whether they had plotted the treasure route correctly, by going to find the treasure trove. One of the favourite rotations was the ‘Relay Races’. The children busied themselves in groups trying to solve the most Maths puzzles they could, to win the race….there was such enthusiasm, the buzz in the Wyatt Hall was amazing to watch. The quiet option for the day was the Maths Quiz where they had a preparation time for it learning about interesting facts about Maths and also reading up about famous Mathematicians. Just when the children thought it was time to rest they moved onto the next activity which saw them solve mental arithmetic puzzles with Magimixers, some finance awareness in ‘Fun with Money’ and last but not least the Digital Doodles. It was lovely that both Maths and Computing could embrace and develop the children’s skills in their coding application to create some magnificent designs using Logo, Scratch and Small Basic.

A fabulous day for all….and all when they thought they weren’t working!

CPS_Puzzle_Day_23299  CPS_Puzzle_Day_23298
 CPS_Puzzle_Day_23302  CPS_Puzzle_Day_23376
 CPS_Puzzle_Day_23300  CPS_Puzzle_Day_23301
 CPS_Puzzle_Day_23304  CPS_Puzzle_Day_23387

Hannah Pakenham-Walsh