by Robert Browning.

In the true spirit of 7-18 music at Cranleigh, Form 3 and 4 were: accompanied by a fabulous professional orchestra lead by our musical director, Catherine Beddison; helped backstage by our own 6th Form Creative Arts Team; illuminated and sound checked by the sound and theatre design teams from the Senior School; and directed, robed and cajoled by our own drama department of Phil Waller, Lita Everett and Laura Dowsett. cranleigh rats-2209

Form 4 were cast as the main players with Ella W, Iris W, Oliver S and Scott W taking on the lead roles and impressing the audiences with their mature and lively performances. Scott was suitably ‘vermin-like’ controlling his swarm of rats; Oliver was our very own boisterous Boris as the dishonest and greedy mayor; Iris  delighted with two wonderful solos capturing her despair as the crippled girl left behind, and Ella stole the show. Adorned in the Pied Piper’s red and yellow, she hypnotised the entire audience with her confident and inspiring performance.

Form 3 enjoyed their first taste of musical theatre as the chorus, and accompanied Form 4 pupils in raising the roof with some rousing musical numbers.

cranleigh rats-2340 cranleigh rats-2216
 cranleigh rats-2453  cranleigh rats-2264