The House Swimming Sports were run as two separate events once again, with the Lower School in the morning, followed by the Middle and Upper School in the afternoon.

Clubs comfortably held their Lower School championship title.  However, Hearts won the Middle & Upper School event just a four points ahead of Clubs in the combined overall score.  Spades and Diamonds were both left sparring for 3rd and 4th positions but Spades crept ahead, benefitting from their strong, new swimmer who joined CPS this half of term.

 CPS_Lower_and_Upper_School_Swimming_Sports_22627 CPS_Lower_and_Upper_School_Swimming_Sports_22634

Many congratulations to Clubs for retaining the Swimming House Cup for the second year running!

Lower School Results

1st Clubs – 61 points

2nd Hearts – 43 points

3rd Spades – 39 points

4th Diamonds – 35 points

Upper School Results

1st Hearts – 105 points

2nd Clubs – 101 points

3rd Spades – 69 points

4th Diamonds – 66 points.

Combined Overall scores

1st Clubs 162 points (won 2nd year in a row).

2nd Hearts – 148 points

3rd Spades – 108 points

4th Diamonds – 101 points.

Well done and thank you to all of those who participated on behalf of their House.

CPS_Lower_and_Upper_School_Swimming_Sports_22629  CPS_Lower_and_Upper_School_Swimming_Sports_22619