It seemed like such an easy choice for our Form 3 pupils – EAT ME or DRINK ME ?

Well, having dined at the Senior School earlier, our Form 3’s didn’t really need any more food or drink, so we knew that either option would be a treat.

Having made this decision, splitting our group of 60 into four playing card groups, things became rather strange.  Our adventure through wonderland included songs, potions, cats, secret pathways, bouncing twins, a talking caterpillar, a dozy door-mouse, a surreal Mad Hatter-hosted tea party, a scary Queen Of Hearts, some rose painting, a pink flamingo croquet game and guilty (?) Knave of Hearts.  Our journey took us through a variety of small rooms and passageways, including a forest, a strange ball-pool and a smokey kitchen, finishing with first class seats in the court room.CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22256

The quality and technicality of the performance delivered by Cranleigh School was second to none and our children loved every minute of it.  One of our parents summed up the experience: My son thoroughly enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland production last night.  He described the production as ‘epic’ – which is his highest possible rating!  It was such an inspiring event for the children. 

Many thanks and congratulations to all the staff (and pupils) from both schools for giving us a wonderful adventure in Wonderland.

CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22254  CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22262
 CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22257  CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22247
 CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22243  CPS_watches_Alice_in_Wonderland_22264