September.  This provided them with an ideal opportunity to discover the wide range of facilities on offer in truly beautiful surroundings. In addition to responses such as “the lunch was amazing”, or “the goody bag was the best I have ever had”, the boys and girls also reflected on more significant things, such as how much they appreciated the drama session, or how interesting it was retrieving DNA from strawberries and kiwi fruit in the science labs!

They all benefited enormously from the opening session about ‘performance’, with unforgettable tips on how to perform by Richard Saxel, a music teacher by day and a well-known concert pianist by night. His advice extended to how to operate on the stage and the sports field, as well as in a musical context, in order to confront and overcome any nerves.

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The final, practical activity in the DT lab gave pupils the chance to use and witness a hands-on, spacious environment, where they thoroughly enjoyed learning how to design lamps. Many thanks to all the Cranleigh School staff for the time, energy and effort they put in to giving our Form 5 pupils such an excellent, memorable experience of senior school life.

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