This term Form 2 have been extremely busy and already undertaken two historical theme days.

The first was linked to their Humanities topic of Ancient Greece. The children took part in a most enjoyable and very informative interactive workshop run by Sir Teachalot. During the action-packed day the children completed a variety of role play scenarios, ranging from well-to-do Athenians and mistreated slaves to members of the Spartan army.

The second theme day was linked to the children’s English class reader ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. The story begins with a description of the devastation of London during the Blitz and focuses on the mass evacuation of children to the safety of the countryside. On this theme day, the children were put into small groups and set the challenge to design a WWII Air Raid Shelter to protect Dr Egg, a timetraveller who has found himself without protection during the 1940 London Blitz. The children were given an £8 budget to buy their materials and 90 minutes to design and construct their winning masterpieces. The shelters were then scored on the levels of ‘comfort’, ‘windproof’ and ‘waterproof’. Finally the shelters were tested to destruction with the dropping of different sized weights from a height of one metre, ranging from 100g to 2kg!IMG_0069

Congratulations to the following teams

1st Place – Team 2: Florence A, Caitlyn B, Maya B & Ella C

2nd Place – Team 13: Bill W, Ludo D & Bertie H

3rd Place – Team 6: Aine F, Phoebe G & Alexandra R

IMG_0185 IMG_0143