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After an excellent morning of speeches in TASC at the Senior School for the first time, we had a glorious afternoon of sunshine for Sports Day. After enjoying picnics in the grounds of the Prep School, the pupils walked down to Lowers in a blaze of colour, lined up in their houses.

An amazing eight records were broken:

Form 6 boys’ shot – Peter Sinclair 12.18m

Form 3 & 4 girls’ long jump – Jode McVeigh 3.81m

Form 3 & 4 boys’ long jump – Finn Tawse 4.29m

Form 3 & 4 boys 150m – Finn Tawse 22.02s

Form 3 & 4 girls 600m – Jess Schute 1.59s

Form 3 & 4 boys 600m – Max Windle 1.49s

Form 1 & 2 girls 600m – Sasha Pilling 2.16s

Form 5 boys 300m – Ben Murphy 47.05s








At the IAPS National Athletics Championships in Birmingham last week, Peter Sinclair ran the 300m and got the school record of 40.26.   Sadhbh Stingemore also got the school record of 23.94 in the javelin.

Middle School – Girls: Jess Schute, Boys: Finn TawseLower School – Girls: Sasha Pilling, Boys: Will BrookeThe Victor Ludorums winners were:

Upper School – Girls: Rosie Hope, Boys: Peter Sinclair & Lucas Le Saux

The Coe Cup was awarded to Peter Sinclair for the most outstanding athletic performance across Friday and Saturday’s sports’ events.

The overall House results were as follows:

1st Diamonds with 621 points

2nd Clubs with 573 points

3rd Hearts with 535 points

4th Spades with 490 points

We introduced a new event this year, the 4 minute mile challenge. Two teams of 16, made up of staff, gaps, OCs, parents and current pupils had to cover 4 laps of the track, with each person running 100m. The winning team finished in 3.59 minutes and the runners up finished in 3.59 minutes.

An enormous thank you to Harry Thomas and all the staff who worked so hard to make this such a successful and memorable occasion.