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15953_300At the end of the Lent Term, the Form 4 Drama Club presented Oscar Wilde’s story of The Happy Prince in a specially composed version with music and words by David Hitchen. Assisted by Lita Everett, the production was directed by David Hitchen, who also designed the set.   The Happy Prince was played and sung by Moog C and, together with Naalini B as the Swallow, provided the central focus to the moving story of the statue who persuades the swallow to delay his autumn journey to the south in order to help the poor and deserving in his city. These included touching cameo performances from Olivia B and Rafe A as the seamstress and her feverish son, Freddie M as the frustrated playwright, and Isobel J-P as the abused little Match Girl. The pompous Mayor (William O), his Wife (Annabel A) and The Town Clerk (Oscar C) conspired to produce some comic moments, along with their sycophantic councillors. A group of Form 1 pupils appeared as Charity Children and Street Urchins, and a Town Band (brass players Jacopo B, Max D, William G and Cameron R) added a touch ceremony to the civic parades.16027_300

The musical accompaniment was played by Dr Ward, Ruth Miller and Leena Kantlin which added expressive and sensitive colour to the score.

This was most certainly a highlight in the Drama Calendar, and a huge thank you must be given to all the performers.

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