January. Pupils had the chance to explore the 100 hands on exhibits that brought science to life; the firm favourites included the parachutes, testing their reactions and the sports science section where many competitive races were held. Francesca certainly held the record for running the most races.

The ‘Egg Drop’ workshop challenged the children to explore gravity and air resistance, which required thinking outside the box and many smashed eggs! However the prizes must go to Ollie, Max and Digby who managed to crack two eggs even before the first drop! Miss Gibson led the way, with her egg making it through two drops and proved that it was possible! Mr Till’s ingenious method of making a rope to lower the egg to the floor was met with shouts of ‘you can’t do that’ and quiet admiration.

After a quick lunch it was time for the much anticipated Planetarium. Seated in a reclined, comfortable chair, completely surrounded by an enormous dome screen, we were taken on a flight through the Solar System and sucked into a black hole. The questions at the end demonstrated how captivated and intrigued the children were by this experience.