The trip to South Africa and Namibia was adventure all the way!  In Cape Town we went surfing at Muizenburg beach and swam in the sea at Boulders Beach, whilst watching penguins waddle about on the sand and swimming in the waters beside us.  Knee-boarding at Blue Rock Quarry was thrilling, and climbing Table Mountain is a memory that will remain with most of us for the rest of our lives.  The majority of our meals were eaten at a fabulous restaurant on the beach beside our bungalows in Fish H oek, and the food was always delicious!  Mountain biking in the Tokai Forest was exciting and challenging, followed by a trip to the Mall, where we did our shopping for drinks and snacks to take with us to Namibia.

After a nine hour bus ride, we arrived at the border and soon after that we disembarked at Felix Base Camp, on the Orange River.  We met our guides and had a “braai”, then spent the night in our sleeping bags under the stars.  After packing our kayaks the following morning, we were off!  The Orange River was fuller than usual, and we made swift progress, until a strong wind made things a bit difficult during the afternoon.  Some boats had to be towed, no names mentioned!  There were numerous rapids to shoot through, the trickiest being “Sjambok” – but nobody capsized and we all loved the sense of camaraderie shared on the river.  In the evenings we pulled our kayaks onto the river bank, and enjoyed a hearty supper cooked by the guides over a fire.  We then slept like logs under the huge African sky filled with stars!  All-in-all, we paddled 40 miles of this majestic river, and spotted baboons, Fish Eagles, Goliath Herons, Kingfishers and many other beautiful bird species.  The whole trip was filled with adventure and excitement.  We cannot thank Mr Storey enough for all the hard work he put into organising it, and all that he did behind the scenes whilst we were there, to give so many of us such a wonderful, memorable holiday.

Poppy and Phoebe orange river view
 Dudley and Mark  girls' group
 boys group  Freddie on the kyak