The works of Anne Fine (The Granny Project), Dickens (Pickwick Papers), Willy Russell (Our Day Out), William Golding (Lord of the Flies), Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet and The Comedy of Errors),C.S. Lewis (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), Muriel Spark (The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie), Debbie Isitt (The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband), and G.B. Shaw (Pygmalion) were given a confident, dramatic, hilarious, touching, and very enjoyable treatment by our 5th Formers. Unfortunately there are too many to mention by name, and there were so many strong performances all round.

The play was devised and directed by Mr. David Hitchen, with assistance from Mr. Phil Waller and Mrs. Lita Everett. The retiring collection, in aid of Form 5’s Charity ‘The Surrey Air Ambulance’ raised over £300.