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What is a Cassation?

cassationThe composer, Malcolm Williamson (a “Master of the Queen’s Music” from 1975 until his death in 2003), wrote several cassations on a variety of subjects: “tiny informal operas, which were intended to assist in the understanding of the mechanics of opera.  The only requirement for rehearsal and performance are a piano, an open space, and any number of people – all of whom must take part in singing (or making sound effects) and acting; since there is no audience as such to judge the performance, polished perfection is less important than abandon and enjoyment”!!

Forms 1 & 2 performed Malcolm Williamson’s Cassation Genesis on Monday 16th June.  The ‘Voice of God’ was sung by Mr Edward Griffiths, a Chemistry teacher at Cranleigh School, who had singing lessons with Mr Hitchen when he was at the Prep School.

The children had been rehearsing the music and the movements for a few weeks beforehand.  However, at 4pm when the parents arrived, they were also given movements and sounds to rehearse, so that everybody could contribute to the performance ….…. and great fun was had by all!