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“A huge thank you for the super play  –  what fun they all had, and such a lovely production.”

“We both would have loved to have seen it again!”

“All the children were wonderful and looked so delighted and thrilled.”

 “ .  .  .  a wonderful evening!”

 “It was lovely to see the result of all the hard work that had been put in over the weeks, and it was obvious how much the children were enjoying themselves.”

 “ .  .  .   it was a fun night, and a very novel performance.”

 “.  .  .  we just needed an Oscars style ‘After Party’ to complete the evening!”

IMG_8590 It would seem that a good time was had by all!  The audience certainly enjoyed the performance, and the Form 4 Drama Club members who presented the production gave the impression of enjoying the performance experience after all their hard work during rehearsals.   This was yet another David Wood musical play with yet another unlikely title, following hard on the heels of recent successes by previous Form 4s.  It follows the fortunes of two garden gnome families who decide, when their “BIG ONES” go to visit granny for the weekend, to set off on their own adventure to find a holiday island.   With toy clockwork fluffy ducks in tow, they meet a trio of alley cats who assist in their exploration of the unfriendly city, especially when escaping from the playground guard dogs and “Wacker”, the roadworkIMG_8816 machine that threatens to flatten anyone in sight!  When the island is finally discovered, it is a traffic island in reality and the gnomes decide that home, their own back yard, is where they really belong.  The story was helped along with witty dialogue and a host of very tuneful and catchy songs, all presented with a strong sense of character.

It would be difficult to mention individual cast members by name as this was a huge team effort by all involved, including the lighting, the sound operators and the unseen “BIG ONES” whose presence (or lack of it) was the catalyst for the events in the play.

IMG_8625A huge thank you to Mrs Everett who, as always, worked her magic and produced amazing costumes and, of course, to Mr Hitchen who directed the play with imagination and attention to detail, as well as designing and constructing the set.